Coco Group Bali Expands Offerings to Include Fast Food and Beverages

November 16, 2023

Renowned for its supermarkets and convenience stores, Coco Group Bali is pleased to provide a variety of mouthwatering additions to our stores, as part of our dedication to providing a wide range of pleasant culinary experiences. The delicious flavors of sandwiches, dumplings, and crispy fried chicken are now available to customers, along with a wide range of other selections. With this calculated action, we hope to meet the changing demands of our valued customers in Bali and Gili.


Coco Group Bali is excited to present a high-quality yet budget-friendly coffee selection featuring beloved options such as cappuccinos, coffee lattes, and more. Whether served hot or iced, customers can savor these expertly crafted beverages while enjoying the homely and cozy seating areas available at select stores.





“We are thrilled to start this new journey of providing our customers with culinary delight and convenience,” stated TB Muklis, Managing Director, at Coco Group Bali. “Expanding our offerings to include fast food and premium coffee aligns with our commitment to providing a diverse range of high-quality products and services that elevate the shopping experience.”




About Coco Group Bali
Coco Group Bali is a Bali leading retail chain known for its supermarket, and convenience store offerings. With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and innovation, the company continuously strives to enhance its services and product offerings.