Coco Group has undergone significant transformation since its inception in 2000, aligning with the original vision of its founders, Nengah Natyanta and Ni Ketut Siti Maryati, to prioritize excellent value and exceptional customer service. This commitment to service has propelled Coco Group to become a prominent leader in the retail industry in Bali, housing renowned brands such as Coco Mart, Coco Express, Coco Supermarket, and Coco Grosir. Today, Coco Group plays a pivotal role in shaping the retail landscape across Bali

Quality Management System

Bali Pawiwahan is dedicated to consistently prioritizing customer satisfaction, fulfilling requirements, enhancing the effectiveness of the quality management system, and ensuring adherence to legal obligations.

The company achieves this through the following practices of effective and efficient quality management:

  1. Implementation of a quality management system that aligns with ISO 9001:2015 standards.
  2. Provision of high-quality services to meet customers’ needs, expectations, and comfort.
  3. Adherence to relevant regulations.
  4. Continuous improvement of quality performance.
  5. Ensuring that all internal and external personnel are informed of their responsibilities regarding the company’s quality.

This policy is formulated to be comprehensible to all employees and serves as a guiding framework for executing operational activities throughout the company.