Eco-friendly Christmas Celebration

December 13, 2023

Coco Group is excited to welcome the holiday season this year with a special and eco-friendly project. The distinctive Christmas trees in our 56 stores, which are located throughout Bali and Lombok and include Coco Mart, Coco Supermarket, Coco Coco Express, Coco Gourmet, and Coco Lite, are painstakingly made from a variety of recycled materials, such as plastic bottles, reused papers, and other eco-friendly materials.

Aligned with Bali’s dedication to ecological preservation and sustainability, Coco Group has cleverly converted common recyclables into attractive Christmas trees. “We are steadfast in our support of Bali’s sustainability. Our path to protect the environment has been unwavering. In order to commemorate this joyous season, we are pleased to present our recycled Christmas tree concept. We have also stopped using plastic shopping bags in our stores, actively participated in beach clean-ups, coordinated significant river clean-up drives involving hundreds of our employees, and more,” stated Bachtiar Rusydi, Marketing & Business Development Manager at Coco Group’s office.

Coco Group has been motivated to take major actions toward a more sustainable future by Bali, a destination renowned for its stunning landscapes and dedication to maintaining its natural beauty. Our goal in making these gorgeous Christmas trees out of recycled and environmentally friendly materials is to spread awareness and inspire our community to help us protect our island paradise.

With this project, Coco Group is demonstrating its dedication to celebrating the festive spirit of the holidays while promoting a greener, more sustainable Bali.

Come celebrate Christmas with us!